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Bill Asdal began building in 1973. Actively working for the industry, he is a past President of the Community Builders Association of New Jersey and was named National Remodeler of the Year by the NAHB Remodelors Council. He authored “The Paper Trail: Systems and Forms for Professional Remodelers”with Wendy Jordan and recently published “Defensive Estimating : Protecting your Profits”.
Bill holds a BA in Industrial Education and a Masters in Administration and Supervision. A former teacher and a licensed secondary school principal, Bill is a frequent speaker on building and remodeling issues. He has dedicated much of his time to industry research and the creation of better builder relationships which enhance supply chain successes. Bill is a past Chairman of the NAHB Remodelors Council representing the remodeling interests of the 200,000+ member organization. He recently received an Achievement Award for “Educating an Industry” from Reed Business Information Systems.
Bill was a driving force behind the creation of award winning Professional Remodeler magazine. He has served as an officer of the Energy and Environmental Building Association ( ) and is Chairman of the Industry Committee of the Partnership for Advancing Technology Housing ( ) administered by H.U.D. In 2006 he was designated Green Remodeler of the Year by NAHB’s Green Building Conference. Bill has completed a number of industry research projects including advocacy of the Rehab Code, energy efficiency in existing homes, new product testing, systems design, and a number of demonstration projects for national trade press. A recent renovation of an old Victorian created a Bed and Breakfast ( ) which has been noted as the Nation’s First Zero Energy Remodel. In 2007 Bill was inducted into the NAHB Remodeling Hall of Fame.